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I absolutely love getting to photograph industry friends and their families. I first got to know Candice a few years ago when we worked together at a wedding, she is the very talented lady behind Beauty Within Makeovers.

If you haven’t organised makeup for your own wedding then what are you waiting for!!

I felt privileged to have her make me beautiful for my own special day and when she asked me to photograph her gorgeous family I could not have been more excited.

It’s pretty obvious how much love there is amongst this little group and they are just an all round awesome bunch of people.

…with just the right amount of crazy!!







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“Your endearing nature, creative eye and artful soul helped us leave the rain behind and enjoy the moment…thank you” – Tom + Nicole

I had so much fun at this wedding, I forgot I was working. Although the skies opened up and it rained the whole day it didn’t stop these two from having the best day of their lives! I only met them once before their wedding but Nicole and Tom are the kind of people that you feel like you have known for a long time.

I hope you enjoy their story…




Married by: Pastor Sam Wright
Ceremony Venue – Wandin Seville Uniting
Reception Venue: Zonzo Estate
Dress: Wendy Makin
Accomodation – Harvest Farm
Guest Book – Jorgensen
Stylist: Bride
Hair: Margo Orsatti – Dolly Bird Deluxe
Makeup: Ashley Hopkins
Bridesmaids Dresses – Elliatt, Fresh soul, TY-LR (various)
Flowers: Debbie O’Neill
Cake:  Ellen Adams (friend)
Engagement + Wedding rings: Steve Richards – Ice Envy
Brides Shoes: Country Road
Bridesmaids Shoes: Betts
Grooms Suit: Peter Jackson
Bowties: Myer
Grooms Shoes: One for the Road
Transport – Celebrity Cars
Music: The White Tree
Gelato Cart – Bianco Latte





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When I was a kid I often spent my school holidays with my grandparents in a little country town called Dunolly. I remembered the drive from Melbourne to be very picturesque and my days were always packed full of fun adventures. I was feeling nostalgic about my childhood and decided to return to the Goldfields region and make some new memories.











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Just from the chats I had with these two I knew their wedding was going to be a winner! An art deco theme with a whole bunch of people that know how to party thrown in the mix and you have yourself one epic day.

Belinda and Ben had a day full of emotion, which started in the earlier hours right through to the reception where they announced that a baby Mason was on the way.

There were tears, laughter and more tears… It was perfect from start to finish.




Married by: Anne Flockhart

Venue: Combe Estate – Yarra Valley

Dress: Luci De Bella

Stylist: Bride

Hair: Secretz Hair (Hayley Dixon) – (Instagram)

Makeup: Makeup by Rhilee – (Instagram)

Bridesmaids Dresses – Shieke

Flowers: Sugar bee Flowers

Cake: Danni Webb – No website (Friend)

Wedding Film: Lee Vella (No longer filming weddings)

Engagement + Wedding rings: K and B Diamonds – Ian Phillips (Instagram)

Brides Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Grooms Suit: Vogue + Jackson

Groomsmen suits: Joe Black

Bowties: Van Heusen

Grooms Shoes: Aquila

Transport – No website (Friend)

Music: Ceremony – Michael Gambino | Reception – DJ Scotty TOP Dog Entertainment

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zonzo-yarra-valley-wedding-photography_0001.jpgMost couples dread the thought of rain on their wedding day and unfortunately nothing can be done about the weather no matter how much planning is done. As a photographer, I don’t get concerned about the rain, if anything it challenges what I do and makes a wedding more unique and memorable for everyone.

These two were only interested in having a great time with each other and the rain didn’t bother them in the slightest, they even threw away the umbrellas and embraced the day they were given. Just before their reception the clouds broke and the sun poked through… very much deserved for these two truly amazing people.


Married by: Anne Secker

Venue: Zonzo

Dress: Jane Hill

Stylist: Bride

Hair: Chelsea Hailes – No Website (Instagram)

Makeup: Amanda’s Bella Beauty

Bridesmaids Dresses – Rodeo Show

Flowers: Dayne Tyler Floriart – No Website (Instagram)

Cake: Simone Bergamin – No website (Instagram)

Wedding Film: Little Cinema

Engagement ring: Australian Diamond Company

Wedding Rings: Robertson’s Custom Jewellery

Brides Shoes: Windsor Smith

Suits + Bow Ties: Hermen Menswear

Grooms Shoes: Aquila

Transport – Always Classic cars

MUSIC – Leigh Andrews

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This awesome pair were holding out on all their guests and led them to believe they were attending an engagement party… it was a pretty special moment when Bec walked into the room with her wedding dress on. There was lots of gasps, screams, and happy tears!
For Bec + Leigh, it wasn’t about having an extravagant “white wedding”, they thought outside the box and pulled off a relaxed, low key, cafe style wedding at The Deck in Brighton without a hitch.


Married by: Jennifer Preston

Venue: The Deck Brighton

Stylist: Bride

Hair: Cara Lee

Makeup: Nicole Aquilina

Flowers: Cathie Madigan

Cake: Nadine’s Cakes

Chalk board: SupaScript Hand Lettering

Music: Daniel “willo” Wilson

Rings: The Jewel Box of Healesville

Dress: Karen Willis Holmes

Brides Shoes: Verali

Suit + Tie: Peter Jackson

Grooms Shoes: Julis Marlow





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Kellie + Jye blog-158

Kellie + Jye are an awesome couple and you can hardly call it a job when you get to work with such fun, easy going people. Their ceremony and reception were both held at Yarra Ranges Estate which included tonnes of details and splashes of colour. These two ooze style, from the dresses and suits, right down to the shoes. (Even if they did purchase two left shoes!)

Enjoy their story…

Kellie + Jye blog-1Kellie + Jye blog-7Kellie + Jye blog-14Kellie + Jye blog-4Kellie + Jye blog-5Kellie + Jye blog-6Kellie + Jye blog-8Kellie + Jye blog-10Kellie + Jye blog-9Kellie + Jye blog-11Kellie + Jye blog-13Kellie + Jye blog-3Kellie + Jye blog-16Kellie + Jye blog-18Kellie + Jye blog-19Kellie + Jye blog-22Kellie + Jye blog-23Kellie + Jye blog-12Kellie + Jye blog-24Kellie + Jye blog-25Kellie + Jye blog-30Kellie + Jye blog-27Kellie + Jye blog-29Kellie + Jye blog-32Kellie + Jye blog-33Kellie + Jye blog-38Kellie + Jye blog-36Kellie + Jye blog-41Kellie + Jye blog-42Kellie + Jye blog-39Kellie + Jye blog-43Kellie + Jye blog-46Kellie + Jye blog-47Kellie + Jye blog-49Kellie + Jye blog-51Kellie + Jye blog-52Kellie + Jye blog-55Kellie + Jye blog-56Kellie + Jye blog-54Kellie + Jye blog-60Kellie + Jye blog-58Kellie + Jye blog-69Kellie + Jye blog-65Kellie + Jye blog-66Kellie + Jye blog-77Kellie + Jye blog-71Kellie + Jye blog-72Kellie + Jye blog-73Kellie + Jye blog-75Kellie + Jye blog-80Kellie + Jye blog-82Kellie + Jye blog-83Kellie + Jye blog-84Kellie + Jye blog-86Kellie + Jye blog-88Kellie + Jye blog-89Kellie + Jye blog-91Kellie + Jye blog-92Kellie + Jye blog-93Kellie + Jye blog-94Kellie + Jye blog-101Kellie + Jye blog-95Kellie + Jye blog-99Kellie + Jye blog-104Kellie + Jye blog-100Kellie + Jye blog-103Kellie + Jye blog-105Kellie + Jye blog-108Kellie + Jye blog-106Kellie + Jye blog-110Kellie + Jye blog-114Kellie + Jye blog-115Kellie + Jye blog-117Kellie + Jye blog-118Kellie + Jye blog-119Kellie + Jye blog-121Kellie + Jye blog-122Kellie + Jye blog-128Kellie + Jye blog-129Kellie + Jye blog-131Kellie + Jye blog-133Kellie + Jye blog-301Kellie + Jye blog-156Kellie + Jye blog-132Kellie + Jye blog-137Kellie + Jye blog-138Kellie + Jye blog-141Kellie + Jye blog-139Kellie + Jye blog-143Kellie + Jye blog-149Kellie + Jye blog-154Kellie + Jye blog-153Kellie + Jye blog-157Kellie + Jye blog-158Kellie + Jye blog-144Kellie + Jye blog-146Kellie + Jye blog-155Kellie + Jye blog-70Kellie + Jye blog-147Kellie + Jye blog-148Kellie + Jye blog-159Kellie + Jye blog-161Kellie + Jye blog-303Kellie + Jye blog-163Kellie + Jye blog-174Kellie + Jye blog-177Kellie + Jye blog-165Kellie + Jye blog-167Kellie + Jye blog-168Kellie + Jye blog-169Kellie + Jye blog-170Kellie + Jye blog-171Kellie + Jye blog-172Kellie + Jye blog-175Kellie + Jye blog-176Kellie + Jye blog-182Kellie + Jye blog-185Kellie + Jye blog-179Kellie + Jye blog-180Kellie + Jye blog-185Kellie + Jye blog-186Kellie + Jye blog-213Kellie + Jye blog-215Kellie + Jye blog-216Kellie + Jye blog-211Kellie + Jye blog-212Kellie + Jye blog-187Kellie + Jye blog-190Kellie + Jye blog-191Kellie + Jye blog-197Kellie + Jye blog-198Kellie + Jye blog-300Kellie + Jye blog-200Kellie + Jye blog-206Kellie + Jye blog-205Kellie + Jye blog-220Kellie + Jye blog-228Kellie + Jye blog-224Kellie + Jye blog-227Kellie + Jye blog-229Kellie + Jye blog-231Kellie + Jye blog-234Kellie + Jye blog-237Kellie + Jye blog-230







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Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-244

When Vil + Em first asked me to photograph their wedding I couldn’t have been more excited. I have known Vil and his family since I can’t even remember and knew that it was going to be a hilarious and fun day before it had even started. Naturally Vil had chosen himself an awesome girl to spend the rest of his life with and feel so privilege that I was the one to capture it.

A beautiful ceremony was held at the Pig + Whistle on the Mornington Peninsula followed by a very trendy reception at Trofeo Estate. It was also great to see some Fijian culture thrown in the mix.

The weather went from extreme heat to storms and all the crazy winds  really just added to the fun. Plenty of tears going around, (mostly  from Vil) plenty of laughs and entertainment all day from the pair.

Enjoy their story…

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-2Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-1Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-6Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-4Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-5Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-8Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-13Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-10Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-12Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-15Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-18Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-21Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-22Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-23Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-24Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-25Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-27Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-28Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-29Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-30Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-31Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-32Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-36Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-33Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-34Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-35Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-37Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-39Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-38Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-64Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-42Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-43Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-45Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-46Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-63Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-49Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-47Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-44Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-50Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-51Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-57Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-54Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-56Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-61

A gift for the flowergirls

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-62Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-65Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-70Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-67Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-68Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-72Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-66Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-69Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-74Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-76Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-77Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-79Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-78Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-81Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-82Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-84Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-400Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-87Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-90Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-91Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-89Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-92

A gift from Vil. Em was such a relaxed bride a stress ball wasn’t necessary!

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-93Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-96Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-105Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-101Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-129Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-127Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-122Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-124Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-131Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-107Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-108Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-111Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-112Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-113Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-116Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-118Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-123Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-119Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-120Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-121Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-134Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-136Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-137Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-138Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-139Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-142Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-143Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-145Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-133Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-146Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-148Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-147Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-149Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-150

A mixture of tears and laughter

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-151Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-152Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-153

And a few more tears

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-155

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-154Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-156Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-159Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-161Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-163Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-164Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-172Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-168Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-169Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-170Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-171Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-174Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-167Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-175Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-130Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-176Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-180Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-181Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-183Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-185Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-187Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-189Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-191Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-192Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-194Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-197Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-225Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-199Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-202Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-201Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-204Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-203Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-272Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-271Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-206Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-211Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-213Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-214Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-217Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-218Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-219Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-221Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-224Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-222Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-223Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-226Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-227Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-228Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-231

A bush fire thrown in the mix

Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-233Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-232Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-234Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-250Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-236Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-238Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-243Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-240Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-246Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-245Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-249Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-251Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-252Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-241Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-273Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-266Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-256Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-257Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-262Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-260Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-263Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-259Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-265Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-295Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-267Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-277Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-278Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-279Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-280Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-282Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-281Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-283Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-284Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-286Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-285Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-287Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-291Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-296Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-298Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-299Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-301Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-314Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-303Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-305Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-308Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-309Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-312Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-315Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-318Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-322Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-317Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-319Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-316Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-329Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-327Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-330Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-326Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-335Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-336Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-337Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-333Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-338Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-339Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-340Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-342Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-343Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-345Emily + Viliame Blog 700px-346


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